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In September 2020, an owner found a dead bat inside of their home. The bat was brought in for testing and found to be RABIES POSITIVE.

The owner had several indoor-only cats and chose to not keep them current on the rabies vaccine; as a result, they are now in a 6 month quarantine.

Feline rabies vaccine is not required in some local counties, but it is highly recommended to have all cats vaccinated whether they are in or outdoor cats.

Please call us at (262)363-9993, if you have any questions or would like to update your cat’s vaccine.

Bay View Veterinary team with some local police officersWith the help of clients, non-clients, and local businesses alike, we were able to raise $2,300 to purchase microchip scanners for several of our local police departments and teach the officers how to use them.

As it turns out, the scanners have already paid off since officers were able to use them to check a couple of dogs for microchips when they were picked up over the weekend.

We're going to be using our leftover donations to buy new oxygen masks for our local fire departments as well as other pet-related supplies.

Thank you to everyone who donated; we couldn't have done this without you!

Update 5/6/2020:we are here for you
Our lobby is closed to the public for the safety of our clients and staff until further notice. We are still open our regular business hours. We ask that you stay in your vehicle and call us when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. A technician will ask you questions over the phone and then come out to get your pet. If you need prescriptions and food refills, please call the clinic ahead of time and payment will be taken over the phone.
We are experiences high call volume, if you are having issues contacting us due to the increased volume; please leave a voice mail message, email us at or request your refills through our website at We ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We are here for you and your furry family members! We’re in this together! 

lab dog smilingApril is Pet First Aid Awareness month, and Bayview Veterinary Clinic wants to make sure that your pet is protected from harm.

As the weather gets warmer and your pets spend more time outside, please remember to put together a first aid kit that will help you take care of them in the event of an emergency. It's important to bring this kit with you anytime you go for hike, on a camping trip, or are staying any place far away from veterinary care clinics.

For a guidleine on what to include in your kit, read the ASPCA's article on How To Make a Pet First Aid Kit.

dog mixed breed terrier We're organizing a local fundraiser to purchase microchip scanners for the East Troy and Mukwonago police departments.

These microchip scanners allow the police department to scan a lost pet and reunite them with their owners.

Stop by Bay View Veterinary Clinic at 890 Main Street in Mukwonago where you can purchase raffle tickets or homemade dog treats.

cat grooming 350pxCat owners are all too familiar with the sound of their pet getting rid of a hairball.

However, did you know that this pesky side effect of cat grooming could be a sign of poor health?

Healthy cats should be able to digest the hair properly, so if your cat is frequently coughing up hairballs, there may be a reason for it.

Here are some reasons why your cat may be experiencing this more than usual.

SkunkThe sun is shining and spring has arrived - but so have wild animals, including skunks.

While skunks are generally gentle, docile creatures, they won't hesitate to spray if they feel threatened or afraid. If you have a dog who likes to sniff around and wander through wooded areas, you should be wary of skunks this spring.

Luckily, you'll likely know right away if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk. You'll probably smell your pet before you see them and, when you do, you're going to want to give them a bath.

Bay View Veterinary Hospital offers rebates on the following pet parasite preventatives:



Flea & Tick:




Tri Heart Plus
Buy 6 doses, get a $6 rebate
Buy 12 doses, get a $12 rebate


(One Chew protects for 12 wks)
Buy 2 doses, get a $15 rebate
Buy 4 doses, get a $35 rebate


Revolution (topical)
Earn up to $35 in rewards!

Heartgard Plus
Buy 12 doses, get a $12 rebate
  Frontline Gold (topical)
Buy 3 doses, get 1 free
Buy 6 doses, get 2 free
(8m flea and tick protection)
$15 rebate

Protecting your pet from harmful parasties has never been easier! Please call us at 262-363-9993 for more information.