Protect Your Pets from Parasites this Season!
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Bay View Veterinary Hospital offers rebates on the following pet parasite preventatives:



Flea & Tick:




Tri Heart Plus
Buy 6 doses, get a $6 rebate
Buy 12 doses, get a $12 rebate


(One Chew protects for 12 wks)
Buy 2 doses, get a $15 rebate
Buy 4 doses, get a $35 rebate


Revolution (topical)
Earn up to $35 in rewards!

Heartgard Plus
Buy 12 doses, get a $12 rebate
  Frontline Gold (topical)
Buy 3 doses, get 1 free
Buy 6 doses, get 2 free
(8m flea and tick protection)
$15 rebate

Protecting your pet from harmful parasties has never been easier! Please call us at 262-363-9993 for more information.